Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Truck Scale Maintenance

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Maintenance of truck scales require you break down your inspection tasks. Apart from conducting inspections daily, you need to perform truck scales repairs on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis as well.

Listed below are weekly, monthly, and yearly inspection tasks:

Check load and weight cells on a weekly basis

You need to check load cell assemblies while practicing great care and look for signs of any debris that might have built up over time. If you do find stores of debris, then it needs to be cleared up in a way that doesn’t damage the load cell cables in any way.

It is important that operators make it a weekly practice to conduct weigh checks while making use of a loaded vehicle. This is important to ensure scale repairs aren’t a common occurrence. Operators should compare the weight of the vehicle at each end, while maintaining its weight at the center of the platform. In order to avoid any inaccuracies in the future, all discrepancies that lie in ± 2 of the indicated divisions should be reported immediately.

Truck scale foundation and cleaning should be performed on a monthly basis

If you are using pit mounted truck scales then you need to check them every month for any signs of water ‘ponding,’ while maintaining a lookout for debris buildup or other forms of damage to the foundation or to the end frames or the side frames of the platform. If you find that the platform has moved significantly while comparing with the last inspection conducted then you need to report it immediately to the maintenance service provider.

Furthermore, it is important that you repeat the end-middle-end test, which has been explained as part of the weekly tasks, and take down the readings. Once this is done, the truck scales need to be jet washed in order to clear any build-up of materials underneath the platform or to remove any debris that might have come loose. While doing so, make sure you avoid the weighbars and the load cells.

After doing this, the truck scales needs to be balanced again with the reading being set to zero and then the end-middle-end test needs to be repeated once again. In order to determine any discrepancies, the before and after results of the test need to be compared and any possible discrepancy needs to be reported immediately so that truck scales calibrations are made in good time Bi-Yearly Check of Truck Scale’s Health

You need to check the structure of the truck scale after every six months. These checks are aimed at locating any damage that the scale’s structure might have sustained over time. For instance, you need to check the foundation of the scales for any signs of cracks or movements or for any other kind of damage. Report any signs of damage to the structure to the maintenance service provider immediately.

In case you are using truck scales which are surface-mounted, you need to check for any signs of damage on the load cell cables. Again, any signs of damage should be reported.

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