Want to make a living out of your truck?

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Want to make a living out of your truck? Here’s what to expect when hauling across the country.

Research carefully where to do your training

Many companies will train their own truckers. However, this might not be a good idea for you if you plan on driving for a long time: the training they provide may not be useful if you choose to drive on your own or work for a different company. Whatever gets you to pass the CDL exam will work.

Know how much to expect

When starting up in this business you could expect around 35k a year. However, pay can go well over 60k if you add experience or move up the ladder. Being a company driver you don’t get to broker your own loads nor you own your vehicle – but it can be less stressful since the company can be held responsible in many aspects should anything happen.

Choose carefully where to stop

Truckstop chains are the way to go: Flying J, Pilot or TA have well maintained, neat showers and are a great option for drivers looking for some rest. This is especially true if you can’t afford a hotel and your truck does not have an auxiliary power generator. Some stops have wireless internet, telephone, cable and other amenities on demand.

Go Diesel

when looking for a hauling truck, diesel is the way to go. Not only for the outstanding mileage pulling compared to gas, but also because with proper maintenance a diesel engine will last an eternity. Truckers that are used to long hauls don’t hesitate about this when acquiring a new vehicle.

Respect the no zones:

Many rookies will come to believe it’s not a big deal to disregard the warnings and pull close to vehicles ahead of them. This is particularly dangerous as it can dramatically alter your perception of the vehicles and people around you. Don’t mess with no zones and leave a safe distance ahead and behind your truck. Always remember the space in front of your truck is your responsibility

Beware of Lot Lizards:

They will offer you their services when you walk to/from your truck. Occasionally they will knock on your vehicle door and try to get invited in. Just stay away from them. To put it in three words they are nasty. But not only that, they could actually get you in trouble. They are known for trying to lure truckers into buying stolen goods, carrying drugs or other illegal activities. Take my sound advice and keep away from those ladies.

Take good care of those you love:

Being on the road can get you to spend many weeks away from your family. Long distance trucking might not be for everybody. If you are a family person and enjoy being around your loved ones the time spent on the road might get to you. Some people are able to bring their significant others along on their trips, but that is not always the case. So make sure you have the whole thing thought through before you go on this adventure.

Equip your truck

Besides your personal preferences, there are some tools which can be lifesaving. I am talking about professional GPS navigation systems. There is plenty on the market, you can choose. I have good personal experience with Sygic fleet navigation systems.

I hope this article was useful to you, if you have any questions or comments, please leave me a comment in comment box below. Thanks

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