5 Tips to prevent your truck scales from rusting

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Investing in heavy-duty trucks can cost a lot of money. These trucks are important for loading and transporting large amounts of items to both close and distant areas. Those who use or deal with large heavy duty truck use, know how essential it is that truck scales indicate the right weight of the truck for it informs them of pricing and transportation costs.

However, problems arise when truck scales become rusty and truck owners are forced to make costly replacements. In this post, we will go through the top 5 ways owners can prevent their truck scales from rusting.

Coat it with paint

One of the easiest ways to make sure your truck scales retain their shine is to coat it with paint. Truck scales, like any metal, due to constant outdoor use, become easily exposed to substances that accelerate the process of rusting. Frequent exposure to water such as humid weather or closeness to the sea or rivers is one way the scales could quickly develop rust.

Therefore, adding a coat of paint to the truck scales allows forming a protective layer around the metal and makes it more resistant to corrosion. It is essential that the truck scales are painted on a periodic basis to keep it in good condition.

Implement a de-icing solution

Owners should also pay close attention to the damage done to their truck scales as a result of ice formation during winter periods. During winter, the accumulation of ice and snow can cause a negative impact upon the truck scales’ metal integrity. The metal can absorb the excess moisture from the ice and snow that can trigger rusting.

Owners can thus put a de-icing solution on their truck scales, similar to brine which is put on roads. This prevents or at least minimizes the chances of rust formation.

Buy truck scales with anti-corrosive coatings

Owners can also keep their maintenance costs to a minimum by investing in truck scales that have anti-corrosive coatings. Many companies that manufacture truck scales add substances that prevent it from forming rust.

Put truck scales in shelter

It goes without saying that the higher your investment, the more you may have to spend in its maintenance to keep it working smoothly in the long run. Therefore, owners are advised to keep their trucks scales in some kind of shelter, like a carport. This way, your truck scales will not become exposed to substances that could lead to rusting.

However, building a shelter for truck scales can be very costly, especially for small businesses. Owners can also add a protective covering over their truck scales each time after they have used them. This is a better option than leaving your truck scales exposed to harmful elements.

Dry them off when getting wet

It is also critical that truck scales are quickly dried with a mop or brush to dry off excess moisture. Water, as mentioned earlier, enables metals to develop rust more quickly. A regular mop routing should do the trick in keeping your truck scales free from the risk of rusting.

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