Some Important tips when buying a used dump truck

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Need to transport aggregate, asphalt or demolition material? Find the perfect used dump truck for the job at Hammer Trucks. We always have a large selection of used dump trucksof single axle, tandem axle and tri axle dump trucks in our stock list to help you get the job done.

Before you looking for these trucks, here are some vital things to lookup when searching used dump trucks:

1. Body, dump box and tires:

Start your research walking slowly around the dump truck. Are there any cracks, dents, rust, or major amends on the truck body?For any signs of damage, check the dump box and box liner. Don’t forget to inspect the dump box and note if the box is made of aluminum or steel. As aluminum box is lighter than a steel box, it can avail you minimize fuel expense over the long run. On the other hand if you will be moving rubble or over-sized, rough heavy material, a steel dump box is the better choice as it is stronger and more durable than aluminum. Also take a look at the tires, noticing any uneven tramp wear around the entire tire circumference, which is a sign of a feasible alignment issue.

2. Frames, rails and axles:

Next you should take a closer observation the truck frame rails to noticing whether there is any sagging or bowing bends that could be animpact of overloading. As you look over the frame rails, also note any corrosion or other signs of wear.

3. Cab and Operation:

Consider the truck’s cab and evaluate the overall condition of the interiorand make a note of the mileage. Begin up the dump truck and examine that all gauges, signals and lights are in proper functioning order. Start driving the dump truck, inspecting for any play in the steering. Bring the dump truck to a stop and use the lifting control mechanism to raise the dump box, examining for smooth movement of the elevating cylinders and rods.

4. Hydraulic lift cylinder(s) and components:

Whether the used dump truck you are intend in comes with a single ram, double ram or scissor dump box lifting mechanism, step out of the cab and thoroughly inspect the lifting cylinders and rods for any cracks or dents. Look at the pump and reservoir tank for any indication of leakage of fluid and again check for smooth operation.

5. Engine:

If you have very less heavy equipment experience, it will be simply best to have a professional and experienced mechanic or operator to manage the analysis on your behalf.

Find the best used dump truck you need at Hammer Trucks. Being the most trusted seller, we offer these trucks with a very good condition and also with a very affordable price.

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