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Freightliner trucks feature a versatile cargo area with either van, refrigerated or flatbed bodies. These trucks are perfect for pickup and delivery of office products; building materials; general freight; appliance moving; and many more.

The wide range of Freightliner models satisfy to many industries. Long-lasting components and an effectivepowertrain give these trucks an exciting uptime. Convenient maintenance checks supports to keep Manufacturer of Freightliner trucks in outstanding working order while decreasing repair costs. The durable looks of Freightliner trucks add to their appeal. Electronic engines, safety features and air-conditioning are other advantages to purchasing one of these models.

Tough, flexible, and comfortable, the Freightliner Truck is a heavy duty; long haul truck which offers excellent highway transportation and are designed to be trustworthy and efficient.

The marks of Freightliner Trucks, its parts, vehicle model names, body designs and other details appearing on this website are the trademarks of these Trucks, its subsidiaries and affiliates.

We at Hammer Trucks carry the manufacturers and models you want. We have established arenowned reputation across the World and dedicated to exceeding our customer’s prospect and using creative designs to meet the transportation needs in urban and rural areas. Security and proficiency are two vital elements to the design of Freightliner trucks. And, to ascertain these used vehicles are in best condition before you buy, we do the following:

Adhere to ain-depth maintenance program

Drive, test and inspect the entire vehicle

Conduct a 70-point pre-sale inspection to manufacturers’ specifications

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Our Freightliners manufacture responsible trucks are designed to meet the demands of the supply chain industry. If you are looking for effective and long-lasting trucks for sale, Freightliner trucks are a great buy. With a range of models to choose from, you can find a truck which meets your transportation needs.

With their outstanding performance and impressive uptime, it is easy to see why Hammer Truckshas established a reputation for excellence. Investing in a Freightliner truck helps your business to improve its efficiency and increase profits. Reliable transportation saves both time and money.

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We are one of the leading manufacturers of Freightliner trucks of specialized chassis trucks; we carry the load with pride.

Hammer Trucks continuesfrom many years and retains that exclusiveness by sustaining the customer loyalty. The trucks manufactured here perform bothon the road and also with measurable returns, performance and safety, which is built into all the details of each and every truck we sell.

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