Who Should Fix This Broken Car?

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Is there something wrong with your car? Do you love your car so much that you don’t trust it to just anyone? If you’re looking for local auto repair in Smyrna, then there are certain things that you need to consider when selecting your repair shop. Here are a couple of the things that you should be paying close attention to.

Workspace and Office Cleanliness

If you walk into the office and there are files and stacks of receipts in piles so high that you have trouble seeing the desk, then you should probably turn right around and get out of there. However, if it seems a little too clean, then something might be amiss and you should do a little more research on the shop before handing over the keys.

Avoid the Dirty Shop

The dirty shop should be avoided because it shows a lack of organization. Aside from that it’s just disgusting to know that the guy working on your beloved car would rather work in squalor than buy a filing cabinet. It also shows that they may not care for the condition of things. They may get your car running better than ever; however, they may not be as careful to avoid scratching the paint. There is also a chance that they won’t notice or remember the food wrapper that they left on your passenger seat. They most likely won’t forget the wrapper; however, it has been known to happen before.

Avoid the Too-Clean Shop

The shop that is too clean is something to worry about as well. A shop that is too clean can be the testament of a lack of experience. If the person has enough time to keep every square inch of the place sparkling and spotless, then that could be a sign that people don’t go to him because they doesn’t do good work, or it could mean that the word hasn’t gotten around about them yet and no one is hiring them. Both of these scenarios can be the exact opposite as well; however, these are the most common scenarios.

Are They Just A Mechanic Shop?

If you ask the staff at the shop if they are primarily a mechanics shop, that is good. They focus on the one thing. Many have found that when multiple services are rendered by one person, that one of those services tends to suffer. But if you have a specialist that just does mechanic work, he or she can focus 100% of their time on that one project. It has been found a lot recently that if a person has two products that they supply then one of the 2 products will fail. The mentality is akin to “Well, that’s not what they’re good at so why work on it?”

However, this is not always the case. This scenario is if the person running the shop is a “one man show.” However, if you have multiple departments then you can leave certain types of jobs to that specific department and keep them completely separate. Thus you won’t have one person trying to remember all of the rules about body work when they really should only be doing mechanic work.

The other thing to consider on this point is if the body shop is in the same space as the mechanic’s area. Both will interfere with the other and neither one of them will be able to get any work done.  You want them each to have a separate, uncontaminated and undistracted work space.

These are the 2 things that most people should be looking at when choosing a mechanic’s shop. The next time you find yourself looking for local auto repair in Smyrna, think about these factors to help you decide where to take your vehicle.

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