What do you get in a car service Lewisham?

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We all know that regular car servicing Lewisham is important as it increases the lifespan of your car, enhances fuel economy and increases the value of the car should you plan to sell it off. It also saves you from running up huge bills that are common after repairing a car breakdown. Car manufacturers usually recommend that servicing should be done annually or after every 18,000 to 20,000 km, whichever comes earlier. Although we tend to postpone the service due dates as years roll by, remember older cars need more frequent service than the new ones. However, have you ever wondered what’s in a car service Lewisham?

A common phenomenon that greets you when visiting a standard car repairing garage is that you handover the car to the mechanics and remain clueless regarding what happens next. What goes on after that can be a worrying factor as you do not know which parts get replaced or what gets refilled. It is thus important to know what all is involved in car servicing Lewisham. However, when you go for professional car service Lewisham from reputed garages, you get transparency, friendly service and constant update on what goes on behind the scene. Nevertheless, being a little more informed about what exactly car service is would give you an edge while negotiating with the garage professionals.

Usually car servicing Lewisham is of 2 types – minor or interim service and major or full service. Minor service is of a shorter duration and includes changing oil filter and engine oil, checking the brake system and topping off the brake fluid level. The fuel transmission system, exhaust system, air filter, battery and car suspension are a few among other checks performed. A major car service Lewisham is a much more comprehensive testing process and demands more time. This service is done after the car has run for 30,000 to 45,000 km.

In a full service apart from the minor services provided, the garage will also do a safety inspection of your car, test the battery, check coolant level and the cooling system and replace spark plugs and wheel bearings. A full car service Lewisham is more of a customised servicing. The work elements taken up depend on the condition of your car and manufacturer’s specifications. You can discuss in detail with the garage professionals regarding the various car servicing Lewisham activities they have planned for your car. Their worksheet would list down all the tasks to be performed.

During car servicing Lewisham the mechanics might come across a defect which was earlier undetected. They will first discuss with you the problem and with your consent will include the repair work in their chores. When you take your car to a reputed car garage, the experts will first check the vehicle history and service record. After an on-road test, the detailed examination will be done on the ramp. Post a car service Lewisham you will get back a clean and polished car that looks sparkling as new. Doing a little homework about what car servicing encompasses settles all the initial anxieties and gives you confidence to deal with the service people effectively.

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